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Since 2004 Anakina Web provides accurate technical and literary translations mostly from English and German into Italian in a wide range of fields.
Anakina Web is a firm by Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli and collaborates with various translation agencies around the world as well as works with direct clients.

We offer competitive rates and a fast on-time delivery of your translations.
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We translate your literary or technical texts into Italian from English, German and French.
All translations are accurately proofread before delivery.

Moreover we offer web copywriting in Italian. We don’t just translate your text, but adapt and localise it to meet the requirements and tastes of your target audience.

Our translation rates are calculated per word.
A minimum rate applies.

Do you already have a translation but want to check whether it is correct?
We can proofread your Italian translation, by comparing it with the source text (English, German or French) and ensuring it correctly translates the original meaning and is free from most common errors (grammar, syntax and typos).

Our proofreading rates are calculated per word or hour, depending on the type of text.

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We check your Italian text to improve the formatting, style and accuracy, without changing the substance of it. This service also includes checking for possible grammar and syntax errors or typos.

Our copyediting rates are calculated per word.

If the text has previously been translated from English, German or French, you can add the proofreading service to ensure the original meaning is kept.