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Waiting for me
Di Carla (del 27/08/2004 @ 07:14:09, in Poems, linkato 2920 volte)
I feel like I’m trying to escape the pain
But it doesn’t work.
It’s always under the surface
Waiting for me.
I’m turning to something new
For not seeing it
But you are always here
Inside me
In my blood
Waiting for me.
I know I have to reach what I want
I know I’m farther now
since I don’t have the strength anymore
don’t have the courage anymore
to face the humiliation
I want to believe it’s a matter pride
But I know I’m just scared
To face the pain.
But I know the regrets are there
Waiting for me.
© 2004. Published in audiobook The Sound Of Poetry, USA, 2004, in the anthology The Best Poems and Poets of 2004, USA, 2004, and in the anthology Eternal Portraits Series, USA, 2005.