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You Hurt Me
Di Carla (del 10/10/2001 @ 18:37:41, in Poems, linkato 3568 volte)

It's suffering only to see you,
when your eyes look at me,
when your voice talks to me.

I feel just like a little doggy
joyfully barking to a possible master
and you are the only one
to whom I'd like to belong,
but you don't even see me.

And when you say my name
it seems something so different,
so perfect.

And when you glance at me
I'd like to sink into your eyes.

It hurts me, just your sight.
It hurts me, just your smile.
It hurts me, just as you are.

But you're the only pain
I'd like to have always with me.

© 2001. Published in the anthology of Noblehouse (UK) 2003.