What if someone you love is a serial killer?

Set in today’s London between 2014 and 2017, the Detective Eric Shaw Trilogy has as the main character a detective chief inspector leading a forensic team at Scotland Yard that is facing a crucial period in his life. Excessive dedication to work caused his marriage to fail and turned him into a cop ready to break more than one rule to satisfy his obsession with bringing criminals to justice. His already precarious balance is undermined by a forensic investigator on his team who is much younger than him, Adele Pennington, for whom he has feelings that he considers inappropriate given the age difference, and by a series of crimes on which he investigates together with his god-daughter DI Miriam Leroux. They bear similarities to a 1994 unsolved case in which Eric himself rescued a seven-year-old girl from a crime scene, the only witness to the massacre of her family.


by Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli

Twenty years ago Eric saved her.
Who will save him now?

DCI Eric Shaw, leading a forensic team at Scotland Yard, together with DI Miriam Leroux from a Murder Investigation Team, is investigating the death of a known offender. Killed by two gunshots: one to his neck, execution style, but preceded by another to his groin, implying a more personal motive.
Shaw’s attention at work is often distracted by a young forensic investigator, Adele Pennington, who is a beautiful woman over two decades his junior. However, his attraction to her is unreciprocated.
Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the London police, an anonymous blog describes the details of a very similar crime. The author of the blog signs herself as Mina, like one of the victims in a case Shaw investigated many years ago.

Meet DCI Eric Shaw . . . and his pupil.


“The opening of the novel immediately throws the reader into the heart of the story, and the expectation grows in the following pages. [...]
In the characters, the nuances are more important than the well-defined contours. [...]
The result is a surprising ending.” - Thriller Nord

“The Italian thriller that conquered England and the USA.” - La Repubblica


An international bestseller with over 170,000 readers around the world.

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SYNDROME - Book 2 [expected release: 28 February 2023]
by Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli

What is the difference between dedication and obsession?

While investigating the murder of two known offenders with connections to a notorious, recently escaped London drug trafficker, the Scotland Yard forensic team headed by DCI Eric Shaw becomes involved in a child abuse case. A nurse had accused a mother of a series of violent, feverish attacks on her ten-year-old son, Jimmy. The woman would exasperate the condition of her child to draw the attention and compassion of health workers at the hospital.
Eric learned of this accusation by chance because he is dating Catherine Foulger, the paediatrician looking after the child. She is an old flame, and he is seeing her again in the hope of putting some order back in his life after discovering the identity of the serial killer nicknamed Black Death.
But this is a relationship his former partner Adele Pennington, still working as an investigator in Forensic Services, has not really accepted.

DCI Eric Shaw returns.


“A crime thriller with psychological implications, which leads the reader to identify with the dilemma of the main character.” - La Nuova Sardegna


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BEYOND THE LIMIT - Book 3 [expected release: 31 May 2023]
by Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli

How far would you go to protect a secret?

The lifeless body of a woman wearing an evening dress is discovered in the party room of the wax museum. Everything would suggest suicide, but DCI Eric Shaw, team chief at the Forensic Services of Scotland Yard who’s investigating the scene with crime scene investigator Adele Pennington, immediately notices a few similarities with the case of a serial killer nicknamed Plastic Surgeon, closed three years ago with the arrest of Robert Graham.
Perhaps someone is emulating Graham, or he had an accomplice, but there is a third possibility that especially concerns Eric, who, being convinced of Graham’s guilt, tampered with the physical evidence to ensure his conviction.
What if he made a mistake and sent the wrong person to jail?
After eleven months, and despite her reluctance, he once again finds himself working with DI Miriam Leroux from the Murder Investigation Teams. Now they have to race against time to follow the trail of the elusive murderer.
This is possibly Shaw’s final major case before a promotion to superintendent. The other contender for advancement being DCI George Jankowski, a man who is not afraid to weed out the dirty secrets of others to get what he wants.
And Eric and his pupil hide an unspeakable secret.

The destiny of DCI Eric Shaw is about to be fulfilled.


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