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Welcome to the official international fanclub of Fools Garden.
We are always at your disposal for answering to your questions, receiving your comments and suggestions, helping you to find Fools Garden CD's and other stuff, or just to talk to you, if you like.
We can assure you that ALL your emails will be answered and that we will always do our best for giving you a complete service.
Of course we will be glad to know about your ideas and to accept every kind of proposal for a collaboration.
Our aim is to spread the word about the band, support fans all over the world... and create new friendships!

The international fanclub is currently run by Rainer and Ulla.
You can contact them at the following email address: rainerundulla@foolsgarden.it
Their website is Garden Of Fools: www.gardenoffools.de

The post address of the fanclub is:

Garden of Fools,
Postfach 200616,
42206 Wuppertal

NOTE: If you are Italian, go to the Official Italian Fanclub of Fools Garden: www.fanclub.foolsgarden.it/italia


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